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 Welcome to my little webring. A place which was created for the simple purpose of bringing together fellow brothers and sisters who wish to share there crafting web sites and there love for what ever it is that they may make with others.....And for  anyone else who would simple like to share there personal web sites and thoughts with the rest of the world!....."But please!....Lets make our thoughts which we share with others peaceful one's!......:)


To join one of the webrings (listed below) simple Click On "JOIN NOW"  "But Remember! after you submit your site, it is only added to the queue. After we have approved your website - you will receive an email notifying you that you have been accepted. You will then need to log back into the webring and put the navbar on your site. If you have questions please email us @ Macrameman1@aol.com

                                        Please read these instructions carefully! 

1. You must display the code. (PLEASE SEE CODE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW) Submitting to a ring does not end your work. If you take the time to submit your site, the manager will be looking for you to post the code as quickly as possible. Why? The code is what keeps the ring together and allows visitors to navigate from one site to the next, eventually getting to yours. If you don't post the code, it may cause your site to be suspended or even deleted from the ring because you have broken the chain. (Don't be the weakest link!)

 2. You must keep the code displayed for the entire membership period. Once you are approved your site is active. The code must be accessible for the duration of your membership. Why? Refer to the explanation in the previous statement.

 3. You must keep your membership information updated. If your site moves or the ring code is moved, you must edit the URL to reflect the new location of the code. Why? Mainly to comply with the information in #1. The code must remain on the submitted URL. However, If visitors have to go through too many redirects to get to your site, they may lose interest. Webrings are designed to facilitate searching. Be sure to keep your title and description current, too. Keeping things updated makes your site that much more attractive to visitors. This may seem like a lot of requirements, but time-wise, it's virtually nothing Here are some additional instruction on how to put the Nav Bar on your site:

 1. Log into WebRing (http://webring.com)

 2. Click the link at the top for "My Rings" 

3. Click the link in the left column for "View Ring Sites"

 4. In the list of memberships (at the bottom), locate the ring. 

5. Click the title of your site 

6. Click "Get Navigation Code"

 7. Your code will appear in a text box just below a sample of what your SSNB code should look like when installed. 

8. Copy the code and place it on your site.

If you prefer to have an html code (your webpage does not support java) you may follow these directions:

1. Log into WebRing.com

2.Click the link at the top for "My Rings"

3. Click the link in the left column for "View Ring Sites"

4. In the list of memberships (at the bottom), locate the ring.

5. Click the title of your site 6. Click "Get Navigation Code"

7. Scroll to bottom, click word "here" at end of statement

8. Copy the code and place it on your site. You are required to put the webring on your website unless it will automatically be suspended. If you do not want the webring on your site - please do not join.


Your our CountZ.com visitor too our webring since 11/29/01. "Thanks for coming!


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May the chain be unbroken.......

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